Fotopedia Beta: more info about what’s coming next


As you know, a new beta version of Fotopedia has been live for about a week. We have received a lot of fantastic feedback on our forum about this new version. We’d like to warmly thank you for that. Your feedback helped us quickly fix most outstanding bugs and major shortcomings.

This was just the first step of a major revamping of Fotopedia, and here are a few points we wanted to share with you about what is coming next.

Fotopedia needs larger photos

With the new beta, we have introduced a new way to browse photos in the encyclopedia and photos which looked great in previous encyclopedia pages might not be beautiful enough in the new full screen mode. We are thus going to increase the minimum size required for photos submitted to the Encyclopedia from 800×533 to 1400×1080.

Older photos, submitted when the minimum resolution was smaller will not be removed immediately. Those photos have received votes and attention in the past years, so we will give you soon the opportunity to reupload them in a larger resolution. In the meantime, it is important that you don’t remove them and don’t try to reupload them until the appropriate tool is available on Fotopedia.

Quality, quality and quality

With the new voting system, we are building the bedrock of an even more beautiful and relevant encyclopedia. Some of you told us voting on photos had become slightly more difficult and more time consuming. We actually do want each single vote to be carefully thought. When building an encyclopedia, only quality matters and you should enter in a sharp and profound reflexion before pushing the vote button.

You should also not be afraid of telling users when photo they added is not good enough. Again, maximum quality is the aim of an encyclopedia.

About the reputation system

We like to think of the reputation system in Fotopedia as a game. The rule is simple: select the best photos for the photo encyclopedia, and you will win points, and be rewarded with more privileges within the encyclopedia.

There are many strategies to earn reputation points. Find the one that best suits you :)

Fixing flaws in the reputation system

The reputation system is meant to improve the quality of the encyclopedia. As such we will sometimes have to adapt the rules to improve the quality of contributions.

Today, we would like to introduce you to two slight updates.

When the reputation system was launched, we bootstrapped the individual reputation using your activity in the last 3 months. We realized it was not fair for people who had actively contributed in the past. We thus decided to recalculate reputation scores using all contribution after January 1, 2011. Your reputation score will be updated in the upcoming weeks.

Adding a new rule: 100 points limit per day

We will also add a new rule: there will now be a 100 points limit to the amount of reputation you can earn per day. Normally, new rules are not retroactive, but since we’ll recompute reputation, we’ll exceptionally apply this rule to your past contributions.

Don’t worry, 100 points a day is a lot!

We will update you with new development. In the meantime, please send us your feedback at

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